Won't installing your app let you see everything I type?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Because keyboard apps "see" your typing, and iOS devices can communicate over the internet, this is theoretically possible. Apple acknowledges this and the fact that it cannot possibly police third-party apps thoroughly enough to be sure it doesn't happen.

However, Apple did provide a safety mechanism, in the form of an "Allow Full Access" setting for each individual third-party keyboard you install. If you do not explicitly enable "Full Access" for a keyboard, it will be limited in certain ways to prevent malicious behavior. In particular:
  • It cannot access the network.
  • It cannot access the clipboard (cut/copied text).
  • It cannot play key clicks.
The last one is a bit of a mystery why it is security-related, but Apple has stuck by it.

Now, while some third-party keyboards are unable to or refuse to work without "full access" enabled, PadKeys is different. First of all it does not use the internet for anything. Ever. Second of all, we tell you in the install instructions that you do not need to enable it, unless you want key clicks or the paste button to work. This is stated in our privacy policy:


Our interests are in providing the best possible typing experience available on your iPad, and nothing else. But no need to trust us -- just leave "Full Access" off if you are concerned.

For further information, please refer to Apple's documentation on the matter:


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