Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I contact support or just leave an App Store review?

We greatly prefer you contact us first if you're experiencing an issue.  Often there is a settings change or simple work-around to resolve the problem.  If not, we would love to fix it, but it's very hard with just the information in a review and no way to get further details.  So, please contact us if you have an issue, and give us a chance to help you, either right away or in the next version.  We don't bite, really!  :-)

What if the keyboard doesn't appear?

This is a long-standing bug in iOS affecting all third-party keyboards.  If the keyboard does not appear, you can usually get it back by switching to another app and opening the keyboard there, then coming back.  If this doesn't work you can try closing the app (double-press home button, then swipe the app up), and reopening it.

Note: in rare cases, the keyboard will not even show up in the options when you cycle through pressing the globe key.  Usually this only affects certain apps, such as Mail or Safari.  Sometimes this problem will go away by itself after a little while, but if it doesn't, reboot your device by holding down the home and power buttons.  It may be necessary to remove and re-add the keyboard in Settings.  This is usually a one-time issue on first installation.

My device only goes to iOS 9, can I still get PadKeys?

We supported back to iOS 8.2 through all of our 1.x and 2.x versions.  These are still on the App Store, but you can only download them to an older device if you already own the App.  If you purchase the current version on a more recent device, then you can download them from the same App Store account elsewhere.

Why isn't my language supported?

We add languages one at a time, optimizing the layout for each one's particular needs.  Drop us a line to let us know which one you'd like us to add next!

Why doesn't PadKeys use the system settings?

Unfortunately, Apple does not make the system keyboard settings accessible to third-party keyboards.  We are forced to duplicate the same settings inside our app.  Access them by holding down the Globe key while in PadKeys, then sliding up to the Gear without lifting your finger, and releasing.  We also have a video.

Why don't you add X or Y or Z?

Great question!  Please ask it in our Support forum ("Give Feedback" link at right on web site, or from menu inside app) so that the idea can be refined through discussion.

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