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Smaller text on keys on ipad

When using PadKeys on an iPad, it would be great, if there was a couple of options in 'preferences' to set the smaller size to text for the keys. Also, it would be great, if in addition to 'Long-press' access to 'shifted' symbols, the access was available by hold-swipe down, similar to the system iOS keyboard. This would make for a faster workflow. Thanks.

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We already offer swipe UP for access to shifted variant on the symbol keys. Are you saying you would like this on letters as well, or that you’d prefer down to up?

As far as keycap font, we’ll offer a “small-label” theme if enough users are interested, just like the current “bold” theme provides a way to have bold keycaps.

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  • Simon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think what they meant was that the original iOS keyboard acts on swipe down gestures and it was confusing.

    But I think swipe-up is just right for shifted characters, although swipe-up for letters would be interesting too but without labels of course.

    Maybe a swipe-down for option-key behavior would be useful as well.
    for fast input of:
    - _ @ £ € [ ] < > : = ' ...etc. (depending on layout)
    The symbol-keys could have small light-colored (grey) labels in the lower right corner for the option character if that's not too much chaos.

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