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Lock the globe

Often hit the globe by mistake and fumble to get back to PadKeys, can you lock it so a long press is needed to change?

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We can consider this, however:

- It slows down the use case where you often switch to an emoji keyboard, or to Apple’s (to get dictation button).
- It operates differently from the Globe on the Apple keyboard, so many users may have a hard time finding it, and/or Apple itself might reject the app.

I wonder if there would be any alternatives, maybe moving the Globe, or delaying the tap effect just enough on that key to avoid the accidental triggering during typing?


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  • F Hiew commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would guess that when people hit the globe key by mistake, they are either trying to press Option or the Z key (in English) (or equivalent key in other languages).

    I myself don't seem to find it a problem on my iPhone, though, but I understand that people with different sized fingers might.

    If you examine the standard Apple iOS keyboard (at least, on an iPhone), they have made it slightly harder to hit by mistake. The bottom row of keys is very close to the bottom of the screen, and there is a tiny bit more distance between the rows. Also the "123" key is slightly wider, to make it easier to hit.

    My advice would be:
    - Narrow the space bar slightly, and move the Globe key a bit further from the Option key. Perhaps put it exactly where the iOS Globe key is (currently the Padkeys Globe is to the left, and higher up than the iOS Globe key) Perhaps make the Option key a little bit wider. But you don't want to move the Globe key very far away from where it is in the iOS one, as we need it to be in roughly the same place to swap between keyboards quickly. I have deleted good keyboards because their Globe key was in the bottom left hand corner.

    - Move the bottom row downwards a tiny bit, maybe 1-2mm on an iPhone

    - Make the Globe key a tiny bit less tall than the surrounding keys (maybe by 1-2mm on an iPhone). (In a similar way to some PC keyboards, where the raised part of the CAPS LOCK key is less wide than the entire key, to prevent accidental presses).

    - If doing the above makes the keyboard look strange, it may be possible to make the touch-sensitive area of the Globe key slightly smaller than the key, to make it more difficult to hit by accident.

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