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spacebar hold/move cursor

Great keyboard...probably the first Ive seen that's actually worth losing the dictation button... I've seen in a couple of other keyboards that you can hold the spacebar down and move your finger left or right to move the cursor. Think that would be a great option for precision moving.

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There seems to be significant interest in this, but we’ve had a few reservations:

1. Accidental triggering, which was a problem on some third-party keyboards. The solution Apple has adopted is to wait for a long-press on the space bar before activating.

2. This brings need to give up hold-space-to-repeat. Some say the tradeoff is worth it. Others suggest adding an option.

3. We cannot implement it as Apple has where the finger becomes a “joystick” that can move the cursor vertically as well as horizontally. All we can do is the way that Fleksy has done, sweeping back and forth horizontally.

4. Neither SwiftKey nor Gboard have attempted it, suggesting that a quality implementation is difficult.

We’ll explore this further.


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  • F Hiew commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, I would say that Apple iOS keyboard's hold/slide function on the spacebar is _extremely_ useful (but not essential) for moving the cursor with precision, especially when you need to move a long way (further than using the arrow keys). It would be of _great benefit_. It is difficult to move the cursor a long distance by sliding on the text, as one often inadvertently selects the text.

    It seems to me that having auto-repeat on the spacebar is beneficial to a small degree occasionally, but most users would not regret losing it, as repeatedly tapping the spacebar is not difficult. It seems to me that it is only rarely that most people would need multiple spaces.

    The standard Apple iOS keyboard seems to have no problem with accidental triggering of the cursor move function (I have never triggered by accident). Even if some users trigger it accidentally, it's not a big problem. If you can come up with the same behaviour as the Apple iOS keyboard, that would be good. If you think it gets triggered accidentally too often, you could increase the delay before activation.

    Hold/slide spacebar to move Cursor:
    - Great benefit (for distance and precision)
    - Distance and precision cursor movement function difficult to achieve in any other way
    - On standard iOS keyboard, it is difficult to trigger accidentally, and it's not a big problem if it does.

    Auto-repeat on spacebar:
    - Limited benefit, only occasional usage for most users
    - easily replicated by repeatedly tapping spacebar

  • S.Binet commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yep it would be great for people rewriting alot 😉 I've tested this on another keyboard app, it so powerful and you're getting used to it very easily.
    And it wouldn't change the "Apple" layout you want to stick to.👍

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