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'CAPS LOCK' Key required

Please install an option to change the 'tab' key for a 'CAPS LOCK' key. I have found that even with double tap of shift key after double space the keyboard reverts to lower case after the first letter typed. Very annoying when you want upper case on always. Also this would stop changing from upper to lower case when !@#$%^&*() etc are typed. Or keep the 'tab' key but lock the shift lock key as always on once applied.
My ipad is used by Qantas airways to sign off maintenance and must be typed in all capital letters. Thousands or aircraft engineers around the world also require this function. If implemented I will ensure this keyboard if known industry wide.

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The issue with caps-lock reverting after double-space was a bug and we’ve fixed it. We aren’t able to prevent turning off caps lock after typing shifted symbols, since tapping shift deactivates caps lock.

As far as changing forward-delete for something else, we have been considering making this key customizable for some time, and will likely do so, but probably not in the next release.


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  • Greg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Good directions would let these customers know that double clicking the capitalize arrow up causes capital lock and a little lock shows next to the arrow.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Or you could have separate 'Tab', 'Caps Lock' and a 'Shift' keys by replacing the 'fwd delete' key below the current 'shift' key that would now be the 'caps lock' key. This way with 'caps lock' on, the use of the shift key would access the punctuation keys without losing the upper case function just like a normal keyboard.
    Just a thought as I have used the fwd delete key only once. This was just to try it out but in practice haven't seen a need for it.

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