How can we make PadKeys better?

Emoji? iOS 9 shortcuts?

From time I try to find a real keyboard for my iphone and my ipad. I have sampled a few, but dislike the privacy compromise, bugs and it still not being native, as in I only get the custom keyboard during basic text entry ... Can't use it to put in a complex username and password.

Anyway. Padkeys seems to tick a few more boxes.

Two things I'm not seeing:

Microphone key, to use siri
Emoji key

Then Apple has also started to add an extra row with some extra buttons for copy paste etc .... What is your stance on implementing those?

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We have added our own shortcut buttons for undo, redo, and paste. Due to iOS restrictions, paste requires Full Access, and undo/redo are limited, but hopefully this will make it easier for people to do away with the space-consuming system shortcuts bar under iOS 9. (And under iOS 8 you get functionality the system doesn’t offer at all.)

A number of developers have made requests to Apple to provide access to their own shortcut functionality so we could provide a more complete implementation, but no progress observed as yet.

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    We would absolutely love to add support for the microphone and copy, paste, and undo/redo. Unfortunately iOS provides no way for us to do so. Part of the reason might be privacy concerns, but by and large, Apple seems to place a higher priority on adding features for its own keyboard than on providing hooks so third party keyboards can do the same. You might try passing your suggestions on to Apple, for example at, in the hopes that if they hear from enough people, they might eventually do something to improve the situation.

    As far as emoji, if you remove all keyboards from your settings besides PadKeys and the system emoji keyboard, then tapping the globe key will switch conveniently between the two. We have no plans to add internal emoji support to PadKeys at present.

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